Hospice Home

Love Makes a House a Home

Any family that has faced the challenges of an end of life journey understands the sorrows and celebrations which come with the passing of a loved one. However, for family members who have not yet passed this way, there are thousands of unknowns which lie ahead. For them, preparation would seem premature. Their loved ones may be undergoing treatments, trying new therapies, clinging to hope, fighting for their lives—they are not ready, willing nor able to make preparations for what may come … but we are.

In line with our responsibility to provide for the health and well-being of those served by T.J. Samson, the T J Community Mission Foundation is ready, willing and able to come alongside and prepare a place of comfort, counseling and compassionate, end-of-life treatment close to home.

The Foundation has identified a critical need among those we serve and, with your help, we are preparing to address this need for a home-like hospice setting. The community is fortunate to have dedicated hospice services available, but in just the last year, the number of individuals reaching out for this service grew from an average of 6 per day to nearly 45 per day.

This is our opportunity to be strong, to think ahead and to ensure Love Makes a House a Home.

Planning Ahead for the Benefit of Others

The immediate goal of the T J Community Mission Foundation is to invite the community and larger region to join together in establishing a Hospice Home. In addition, this campaign for support will fund associated programs such as compassionate palliative care, end-of-life planning, grief counseling and family support, as well as fund an endowment for the future.

In keeping with its commitment as a good steward of available resources, T.J. Samson will donate an existing home now situated on its 40-acre property, in close proximity to the hospital campus. The building would be renovated and expanded to house six to eight hospice beds, along with ancillary program services. It would also be refurbished to create a warm, welcoming and home-like setting for residents and their visiting loved ones.

Renovations and expansions will take place with input from physicians, nurses, chaplains and families. The Hospice Medical Director, Dr. William Travis, will work with us to ensure that decisions are made with an eye for detail and a heart for providing compassionate hospice care.

While at-home hospice care will continue to be the choice of many, for some families and individuals, that option is either physically prohibitive or too emotionally difficult. For them, being able to move into a specially-designed and designated hospice setting will provide the relief and peace of mind necessary to address other end-of-life discussions and decisions.

A Continuum of Compassionate Care

A campaign for Love Makes a House a Home will provide capital, program and endowment support for a Hospice Home in close proximity to T.J. Samson Community Hospital.

Capital – An existing house donated by T.J. Samson will be renovated and expanded to include private individual rooms, kitchen, family gathering room, prayer and meditation space, and outdoor garden with a Celebration of Life fountain, landscaping and sitting areas.

Programs – Grief counseling, family support, Celebration of Life activities; programs to help people faced with the distress of illness and suffering to find comfort and meaning; and volunteer training are just a few of the services to be supported by a campaign for Love Makes a House a Home.

Endowment – Support for an endowment will allow the Hospice Home to provide services without adding any undue financial concern on patients or their families that are unable to pay. While the principal remains untouched, interest generated by a healthy endowment will provide ongoing support to maintain the Hospice Home’s facility and programs long term.

Hospice Home: The House that Love Built

Our community’s Hospice Home would provide a comprehensive program of care to patients of all ages facing life-threatening illnesses. Hospice emphasizes palliative rather than curative care, although medical treatments are accessible as needed, and the accessibility of the hospital will make this even easier on patients. Both the patient and family members will be included in the care plan and emotional, spiritual and practical support will be provided based on their wishes. Trained volunteers, many of whom will be friendly faces from the community, will be available to offer meaningful support and fellowship.

Our new Hospice Home will provide personalized services and a caring community, so patients and their families may turn their attention to very important and personal matters.

A Meaningful Mission

The Hospice Home mission will add experience, empathy and excellence as we provide hospice care and palliative medicine for individuals of all ages during any end-of-life illness.

With your help, we will be able to extend medical and nursing hospice care for our community in a home-like setting—providing pain management, family and individual counseling and the facilitation of end-of-life discussions and preparations.

Campaign Goals for Love Makes a House a Home

Now, as a community working together to ensure the well-being of all residents, we have the opportunity to establish and name a new care-giving Hospice Home for the benefit of current and future generations. Now, it is our turn to look ahead, acknowledge the need and open the doors to ensure Love Makes a House a Home.



Programs $700,000
Endowment $300,000


Total Goal $2,500,000**

* Estimated

**Naming opportunities will be available for various capital, programs and endowment components.

For more information, please contact Kim Lambert at 270-651-4348 or klambert@tjmissionfund.org